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The Finest Winnipeg Contractors

For Commercial and Residential Heating and Cooling, Plumbing, Painting or Landscaping. Call 204-899-FINE (3463).

Homeowners like yourself want dependability, a quality job, at a reasonable price. But you also want great customer service; something that is lacking in most businesses. A couple local business owners got together and asked themselves, “If we were to build the best service and contracting business based totally around the customer experience, what would it look like?” They asked dozens of homeowners across Winnipeg what they wanted and Winnipeg’s Finest Contractors is the result.

Heating & Cooling

Our quality service and reputation has earned us many referrals from homeowners such as yourself. Not only can we do HVAC systems as renovations and add ons, we can remodel them as well.


Whether your painting job is big or small, get the best help at a great price. We look forward to helping your dream become a reality.


We specialize in creating beautiful residential landscapes right here in Winnipeg. Most of our projects involve a myriad of smaller projects such as design, grass, gardens, paving stone, walkways and so much more.


Finest Contractors will service any and all of your plumbing needs. We can quick house calls in case you have an emergency and can give you an on the spot estimate of how much it would cost to fix your problem.

What Makes Us the Finest Contractors in Winnipeg?

David Quon

Glad you asked.  Most homeowners have had terrible experiences with Winnipeg contractors in the past and we make a point of pride to do the opposite.  Our whole customer service is based around feedback we have heard from YOU the homeowners and what you want.

Note from David Quon & Travis Philly, Owners:

“Our job each and every day is to make sure you’re satisfied with every detail of the job.  We look forward to talking with you and understanding what makes a great experience for you.  We are available through phone and email.  Whatever it takes for you and your family to be happy with your project I’ll be happy for myself and my team to make that happen.”

Free No Obligation Estimate

Any problem or project that you want to tackle we will come meet you in the comfort of your home. We will take time to get to know you, your family and whats important to you in the upcoming project. We will customize everything around your needs, and of course the estimate is free with no obligation.

We Show Up On Time

When we make a promise to show up we keep it. We realize your time is important and that you have many things to do through the day. We keep the homeowners appraised of the timeline of the project and if we going to finish early or if there are any delays.

We Deliver What We Promise

When doing an estimate or filling out a contract we spend time with homeowners showing you and detailing the work we will do to repair or beautify your home. Making sure we set the right expectations AND deliver on them is our most important priority because you’ll be happy with the job and refer us to your friends.

Signed Contracts

We use signed contracts that detail all the work we will be doing. This way you know ahead of time what work is going to be done and the details along the way. This will give you the peace of mind that you are in control and on the same page in terms of the work being done. This also insures that there is no cost overruns.

Great Communication

If there are any delays, unforeseen challenges or updates our team will notify you right away to give you the details. Having you informed at all times about your most prized possession, your home, is a key to our customer service and your satisfaction. Phone calls and emails are always returned promptly.

Final Work Inspected With YOU

We always inspect the work with you, the homeowner, to ensure there is total satisfaction with the work. Any questions, details, or touch ups are completed before asking for payment.

What Other Winnipeg Homeowners Are Saying:

"I had just found out I had a leaky pipe that needed fixing right away. The first 2 companies I called said it would take them at least 4 days to come. Finest Contractors sent someone out that night and fixed the problem fast and the price was lower than I expected. Thanx!!!"


"Finest Contractors came to my house for an estimate on my landscaping. Travis took a lot of time to understand my vision. He spent an afternoon looking over my plans, discussing them, detailing how things would unfold. He did the work, on time, and kept me updated with what was going on with my home which I really appreciated. I was so happy with the work I booked Travis and Finest Contractors to paint my home. I’m very happy with both jobs."

Janice & Greg

"I needed a new furnace installed, it was winter. I called and they sent someone out that day to replace the furnace. The workers were friendly and efficient, I would use them again."