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Meet the Executive Team:

Travis Philly – Partner

Let me introduce myself, my name is Travis Philly.  I have been working in the contracting industry for quite some time, over 6 years to be exact.  I love doing my job as president of customer service because getting to know the customers, understand what they want, and ultimately delivering a great experience is something I really enjoy.

When I talk with customers and ask what they like most about my services they always seem to say communication. I really believe having great contact with the customers and letting them know anytime something changes or giving them updates about the job is crucial.

Another thing I pride myself on is working hand in hand with our clients.  I’m the head estimator and there is a good chance that not only will I oversee the job from the office, I’ll also come to your door to meet you personally.

I started off in the landscaping industry and ran my own company.  It gave me a great starting point because I had to really understand my customers vision, what was important and really deliver what their seeing in their minds.

I really developed good listening skills which I think might be the most important skill that I bring to the table.  I’ve also done heating and cooling and worked on a few different crews that handled multiple different type of projects.  All in all, I’m very experienced in a wide range of projects and can tackle anything you want done in or around your home.

Myself and my wife live in our house in South St Vital and are lucky to have our first baby.  In my spare time I really enjoy playing hockey AND of course watching the Jets.  I have my studied at the University of Manitoba, specifically the Asper School of Business.

David Quon – Partner

My name is David Quon and I have been in the construction, painting and renovation business for over 8 years and as such know the importance of understanding the customers perspective.  Having worked in the industry as a contractor myself I also know how to keep the view of the workers in mind.

Combining those two perspectives each day allows jobs to be complete on time and with customer satisfaction.  Each and every day I try to make sure things work seamlessly to provide not just a great service but great memory of what we did for you and your family.

My main responsibility is to make sure that business operations run smoothly in terms of scheduling, financing and accounting.  Payroll is done through on a biweekly basis that I oversee as well.  I am also involved with customer service and making sure you’re satisfied with your final project or service.

The reason I like working with this company is that there is dedication to customer service that most companies talk about but very few deliver on.  In every aspect we think about the customer first and how we can accommodate that which is refreshing.

I really enjoy working with Travis and the rest of the team, they’re easy to communicate with and easy to rely on.  I have ran my own companies, I have worked for other businesses but this one has a special place for me: because I can see we help people in need or help them build their dreams.  That makes it very easy to get up in the morning and come to the office.

I really enjoy fishing in my spare time as well as salsa dancing.  On a typical summer night you can find me at the forks or in winter time usually snowmobiling.  I really enjoy spending time with family and friends as well as having time off at the lake.  I live in South Point Winnipeg, and yes I have had many contractors work on my house but Finest was the best yet.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me as I would like to hear from you. Myself and my team are at your disposal for whatever you need.  I look forward to bringing you in as a customer and helping you with your home project.


David Quon

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"Your team was professional, clean and courteous. I would highly recommend your company to anyone considering a residential repair or installation."

S. Donwell

"Very satisfied with them. I called about a noise and someone was on the job shortly. The service tech called me and explained to me what he did when I got home at night I checked for the noise and it was gone. I called him directly and thanked him for taking care of the problem."

T. Trip

“We run four Laundromats and they helped my husband and I set them up. We also have a range of shops and the team have helped with the plumbing for those as well. We have not only used them for our commercial properties, but we have also used them to fix any issues we have had with our residential investment properties. We have called them at all hours of the day and night when things have gone wrong and Tom has always been there to help when we’ve needed it. We’re really happy and glad we know them, as you always need to know a good plumber. If we have any problem, we know he will sort it out.”

K. Holls