heating and cooling winnipegFinest Contractors offers the following services:

  • Installing boilers, burners, furnaces and servicing them.  Ask us about they Manitoba Hydro discount
  • Home furnace purification units
  • Moving and repairing gas lines as well as installation
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Remember, energy efficient water heaters can bring down your bill by 30% or more per year
  • Any HVAC concerns or service requirements
  • We do commercial as well as residential

We pride ourselves on having the most experienced and customer responsive technicians in this area of your home.  We have been servicing not only residential but commercial companies and understand the different needs for each customer.

Our Winnipeg heating and cooling quality service and reputation has earned us many referrals from homeowners such as yourself.  Not only can we do HVAC systems are renovations and add ons, we can remodel them as well. We do furnace cleaning, furnace installations and air conditioning in Winnipeg.

Want to upgrade to a more efficient HVAC system?  We can install, build, service any type of system which includes ductless and zoned home and business systems.

Customer Reviews:

“I had an air conditioning unit that was busted and couldn’t correctly ventilate my house.  Finest Contractors come in, gave me a estimate and the next day swapped in a new unit and made sure this time it worked properly. It’s made a really big difference.  I was very happy with the ‘no fuss’ service.”

Jordan St. Vital

“Travis come to my home and had shown me why my furnace wasn’t working and how it was currently costing me a lot of extra money.  He was patient with my questions and showed my how I would be able to save at 20% of my water heating bill.  I paid for the new unit, they showed up when they promised they would and everything was done very quickly.  I’m quite satisfied with the work and I’m really enjoying the savings.  Thank you Travis!”

Charlene, Fort Garry

“Called 3 companies for an estimate for a new HVAC system, only Finest Contractors got back to me.  I liked how the sales people informed me what should be done without talking down to me.  They gave me a few options and helped me pick out the best one for my home.  Anytime I had questions they were very quick about getting back to me about them which I really appreciated”.

John Charleswood

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