August 5, 2015

Maintaining Your Home’s Plumbing

plumbing maintenanceIf you just think about every time you take a shower, use the restroom, wash your hands, do the dishes, do your laundry, etc. No system within the home is used as frequently as or with more dependency than the plumbing. Here are some easy tips to follow so as to ensure your plumbing system is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Get to Know Your Plumbing System – One of the most important parts of maintaining your home plumbing is knowing where your pipes are. During unrelated home renovations, piping can be inadvertently damaged by wayward nails, screws, etc.  To aid in avoiding these mistakes, stud sensors that can detect piping are available at most hardware stores. Another good idea is to know where the shut-off valve for your plumbing is and how to use it in case you need to turn it off quickly during an emergency.

Checking for Leaks – It is important to check your plumbing system for leaks regularly. If not taken care of quickly, leaks cause a lot of water, and dollars, to be wasted. The easiest way to check for leaks is by gauging the water meter on your property. To do so, locate your water meter, check the number before going to bed when everyone in the home is done using water for the evening, and again in the morning when you wake up before anyone uses any water. If there is an increase, it is possible there is a leak somewhere.

Maintain Your Hot Water Tank – The average life of a hot water tank is around 12 years, however they can begin to have leaks or other problems long before the average expiration date. It is important to check your hot water tank regularly to ensure it is running efficiently. If your tank is old, you should strongly consider replacing it to improve the overall efficiency of the home plumbing system.

Know The Limits – What may seem like a simple plumbing job can quickly get out of hand if not handled properly by a professional. It is advised that, unless you are a licensed plumber, you do not undertake any home plumbing repairs, especially major ones, without at least the help and guidance of a professional plumber.