December 1, 2014

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Landscaping


After sod is laid down, it is imperative that it is taken care of. Watering can, and will make all the difference. If you have sod laid, look at it as a new daily responsibility, just like brushing your teeth or walking your dog. Sod must be watered daily to stand a chance to turn into a beautiful yard. Fertilizing can also enhance the to chances of this, however, fertilize the sod no later than 2 weeks after installing it. Mowing has a lot to do with the process as well. Mow for the first time two weeks after installing and if sod is about 4 inches or higher, keeping the grass at about 2 inches high.

Woodchips and Rocks

Too many times, homeowners do not put enough woodchips and/or rocks to cover the fabric laid over the newly toiled soil. Pay that extra money for an extra yard of woodchips/rocks to ensure you have ample material to cover the fabric so that it is no longer visible. If not done properly, it will lead to weeds actually growing on top of the fabric defeating the purpose of the fabric itself

Tree’s being planted too deep

There is an urban myth of “the more soil the better”, if this were to make its way to the television show “Mythbuster’s”, they would dub this a MYTH. Planting too deep actually chokes off the tree causing the root to rot due to air not being able to reach the root system. The easiest way to avoid this predicament is when planting a new tree, only dig to the depth of the container the tree came in. The containers are designed this way to allow landscapers and homeowner’s the proper depth to give the tree the best chance of flourishing in its new placement.

Planting in the right place

Every home and every yard is different. If you are planning to revamp your property into an outdoor oasis, in depth planning will be required. A few things need to be considered here. All plants and tree’s will require ample sunlight so make sure to take into account all the “shady” obstacle to could stand in the way. Take into account how your house or garage may be at play here. When planting trees remember that they will grow! Be proactive and take into account what could stand in the way of this. They may also grow to cause more shade on your property so be sure to take this into account as well.

Taking all angles into account

This last step will require you to have the ability to look at things from a few different perspectives. What might looks good from the curb may not look good from your front or back windows. Have a plan in mind and ensure that this plan works from all sorts of vantage points. Need landscaping help? Contact us at 204-899-FINE (3463) or send us a message today.